DMG is an architectural firm situated in the outskirts of Ljubljana, Slovenia and was set up by Domen and Mateja Gerkšič in 2003. They both graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
They pay a special attention to construction design adapted to contemporary needs and lifestyle. They design low energy buildings and passive houses. The contemporary knowledge of new technologies and solutions is applied to the living space/dwelling environment. Clients’ houses are adapted for a contemporary lifestyle, offering not only brightness, functionality and aesthetics but also taking care for their health and general well-being. This refers either to buildings designed from ecological and natural materials which assure healthy microclimate or to the low energy or intelligent buildings. Besides that, carefully and suitably designed interior with flexible, open and overlapping spaces is equally important to them.

Publications in magazines and professional books

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Wood in contemporary Slovenian architecture: 2000-2010

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