Masonry Building

In Slovenia, still dominates the demand for traditional masonry building with bricks. Method of construction in Central Europe depends mainly on the characteristics of the environment, altitude and traditions. In southern Europe, however, is dominated by classical building because the sun warmed the walls at night offer in the interior warmth of the day but moderate cold. In northern Europe, in areas with cold climates, most houses built of wood, because good insulating walls to preserve the heat in the house. In Scandinavia, due to very cold winters, classical works almost do not know.
Masonry construction takes place in serial order as it is between the individual construction phases take some time to dry masonry, so it is such a construction phasing. The facility grows from the ground up by individual stages, so brick building called simplified as "wet" construction as special binders contain water which evaporates. Without damage to masonry construction is suspended and adapted to its time and financial abilities. In traditional masonry construction can also input their own work, the work of family members and friends, which allows a reduction in the cost of building a house.
Solid walls of classical works provide heat accumulation, which primarily means slower overheating structure during hot summer days . With a sufficient thickness of the thermal insulation, the proper built-in windows, without interruption of the thermal insulation around the object, can be achieved, that is a conventional built house or low-energy or passive as well. In Slovenia is currently misconception (at least by traders who sell them), that the wooden buildings represents the same construction costs as a built ones. According to our experience, the differential is at least 30 %, which means that a cheaper is masonry construction. We design a lot of the masonry constructions and according to our experience and expertise in this field, our advice will be in great help.