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We spend a lot of lifetime in our homes and that we will feel great depends on many factors and details. It is very important for you to take time for thinking and planning, because spend time will positively worthwhile.

The furnishings is one of the main factors of well-being in the room. For completeness ambience is very important a good idea, the right choice of style, layout of furniture and carefully selected combination of materials, colors and light. If you do not have the necessary information and experience, we can help you with this. Our extensive experience and satisfied customers have led us to best meet your needs. Together we will solve any obstacles which are challenge for us. Interiors can conjure up a pleasant and unique atmosphere of positive energy that will enchant you, so call us and we can start together to implement your wonderful reality!

We can advise you and make plans interior design within your planned investment. We will give you plans interior design includes: drawings from the disposition of equipment and ceramics, processing of walls, ceilings, floors (selection of ceramic, parquet floors, suspended ceilings), a selection of sanitary ware and equipment (sinks, toilets, etc.). We can also help you with manufacture of lighting project and determine the disposition and type of lighting. We can provide supervision, consultations with suppliers or craft workers, determination choice of furniture in selected showrooms (types, models, colors, suppliers, final, aesthetic counseling) or plans for joinery work.

Planning interior design in our studio can spared your worry and unnecessary costs. Based on our extensive experience we are one of the few who can advise you how to make the right decision and buying such materials to save your money.